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ThinkPad X200
Manufacturer Lenovo
Name ThinkPad X200/X200S/X200 Tablet
Released July/September 2009
Chipset Intel Cantiga GM45
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo (Penryn family)
Graphics Intel GMA X4500MHD
Display 1280x800/1440x900 TFT
Memory 1,2,3 or 4GB (Upgradable to 8GB, unofficially)
Architecture x86_64
EC Proprietary
Original boot firmware LenovoBIOS
Intel ME/AMD PSP Present. Can be completly disabled.
Flash chip SOIC-8/SOIC-16/WSON-8 4MiB/8MiB (Upgradable
to 16MiB)
W+: Works; 
N: Doesn't work; 
U: Untested; 
P+: Partially works; 
Internal flashing with original boot firmware N
Display W+
Audio W+
RAM Init W+
External output W+
Display brightness P+
Payloads supported
GRUB Works
SeaBIOS Works
SeaBIOS with GRUB Works

Dell Latitude E6400

If you haven’t bought an X200 yet: the Dell Latitude E6400 is much easier to flash; no disassembly required, it can be flashed entirely in software from Dell BIOS to Canoeboot. It is the same hardware generation (GM45), with same CPUs, video processor, etc.


It is believed that all X200 laptops are compatible. X200S and X200 Tablet will also work, depending on the configuration.

It may be possible to put an X200 motherboard in an X201 chassis, though this is currently untested by the Canoeboot project. The same may also apply between X200S and X201S; again, this is untested. It’s most likely true.

There are two possible flash chip sizes for the X200: 4MiB (32Mbit) or 8MiB (64Mbit). This can be identified by the type of flash chip below the palmrest: 4MiB is SOIC-8, 8MiB is SOIC-16.

The X200 laptops come with the ME (and sometimes AMT in addition) before flashing Canoeboot. Canoeboot disables and removes it by using a modified descriptor: see ../install/ich9utils.html (contains notes, plus instructions)

Flashing instructions can be found at ../install/#flashprog

NOTE: Canoeboot standardises on flashprog now, as of 3 May 2024, which is a fork of flashrom.

EC update

It is recommended that you update to the latest EC firmware version. The EC firmware is separate from Canoeboot, so we don’t actually provide that, but if you still have Lenovo BIOS then you can just run the Lenovo BIOS update utility, which will update both the BIOS and EC version. See:

NOTE: this can only be done when you are using Lenovo BIOS. How to update the EC firmware while running Canoeboot is unknown. Canoeboot only replaces the BIOS firmware, not EC.

Updated EC firmware has several advantages e.g. better battery handling.

Battery Recall

On 21 April 2015, Lenovo expanded a recall on Lenovo batteries found in some ThinkPad models, which includes the X200 and X200S. To find out if you are affected, use this Lenovo tool. Lenovo advises that owners of the recalled models “should turn off the system, remove the battery, and only power your ThinkPad by plugging in the AC adapter and power cord.” Upon battery verification, Lenovo will replace recalled batteries free of charge. Battery replacement instructions for the X200/X200s are found on this page.

LCD compatibility list

LCD panel list (X200 panels listed there):

All LCD panels for the X200, X200S and X200 Tablet are known to work.

AFFS/IPS panels


Adapted from

Look at wikipedia for difference between TN and IPS panels. IPS have much better colour/contrast than a regular TN, and will typically have good viewing angles.

These seem to be from the X200 tablet. You need to find one without the glass touchscreen protection on it (might be able to remove it, though). It also must not have a digitizer on it (again, might be possible to just simply remove the digitizer).

If your X200 has an LED backlit panel in it, then you also need to get an inverter and harness cable that is compatible with the CCFL panels. To see which panel type you have, see #led_howtotell. If you need the inverter/cable, here are part numbers: 44C9909 for CCFL LVDS cable with bluetooth and camera connections, and 42W8009 or 42W8010 for the inverter.

There are glossy and matte versions of these. Matte means anti-glare, which is what you want (in this authors opinion).

Refer to the HMM (hardware maintenance manual) for how to replace the screen.


X200S explains that the X200S screens/assemblies are thinner. You need to replace the whole lid with one from a normal X200/X201.

How to tell if it has an LED or CCFL?

Some X200s have a CCFL backlight and some have an LED backlight, in their LCD panel. This also means that the inverters will vary, so you must be careful if ever replacing either the panel and/or inverter. (a CCFL inverter is high-voltage and will destroy an LED backlit panel).

CCFLs contain mercury. An X200 with a CCFL backlight will (unless it has been changed to an LED, with the correct inverter. Check with your supplier!) say the following: “This product contains Lithium Ion Battery, Lithium Battery and a lamp which contains mercury; dispose according to local, state or federal laws” (one with an LED backlit panel will say something different).

Hardware register dumps

The coreboot wiki shows how to collect various logs useful in porting to new boards. Following are outputs from the X200:

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