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TODO: mailing lists, mastodon server and peertube account.

User support

IRC or Reddit are recommended, if you wish to ask for support (IRC recommended). See below for information about IRC and Reddit.

Development discussion

Mailing lists are planned for the future. For now, see notes on the Git page for information about how to assist with development.

Instructions are also on that page for sending patches (via pull requests).

IRC chatroom

IRC is the main way to contact the Canoeboot project. #canoeboot on Libera IRC.


Libera is one of the largest IRC networks, used for Libre Software projects. Find more about them here:

If you wish to connect using your preferred client (such as weechat or irssi), the connection info is as follows:

We recommend that you use port 6697 with TLS encryption enabled.

It is recommend that you use SASL for authentication. These pages on the Libera website tells you how:

In general, you should check the documentation provided by your IRC software.

Social media

Canoeboot exists officially on many places.


The founder and lead developer, Leah Rowe, is on Mastodon:

Leah can also be contacted by this email address:


Mostly used as a support channel, and also for news announcements:

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