Apple iMac 5,2

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Manufacturer Apple
Name iMac 17-inch “Core 2 Duo” 1.83
Released 2006
Chipset Intel Calistoga 945GM
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo T5600
Graphics Intel GMA 950
Display 1440x900 TFT
Memory 512MB, 1GB (upgradable to 2GB)
Architecture x86_64
EC Proprietary
Original boot firmware Apple EFI
Intel ME/AMD PSP Not present.
Flash chip SOIC-8 2MiB (Probably upgradable to 16MiB)
W+: Works; 
N: Doesn't work; 
U: Untested; 
P+: Partially works; 
Internal flashing with original boot firmware U
Display U
Audio U
RAM Init U
External output U
Display brightness U
Payloads supported
GRUB Works
SeaBIOS Works
SeaBIOS with GRUB Works

Information to be written soon, but this board is merged in Canoeboot.

This board is very similar to the MacBook2,1.

Just refer back to the hardware section and install guides

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